Day: August 22, 2017

More Late Nights

It is not enough to be a music lover who listens only at home. It is warm, comfortable, and cozy in my den. I love the wool afghan my mother made just for me. Plus, I have a huge collection of albums just waiting for attention. I can blast it as loud as I want and no one complains. I can don the earbuds and go nuts with my iTunes in my personal library, but I need to get out to get inspiration because only doing Facebook live videos isn’t enough for my own work.

Going to clubs fulfills this need. I also perform sometimes on open mike nights and these evenings can go rather late. It is after midnight when I amble home, usually in my car unless I had a few. However, when I approach the front door of my building, the light often doesn’t go on, leaving me in the shadows. I can barely see to turn the key in the lock. I have complained but my landlord has not been responsive. I asked for a replacement light numerous times and sent him guides like this: He nods and agrees, but then nothing happens.

I asked him if he wanted something bad to happen. I reminded him that while we live in a good neighborhood, vandals and muggers roam at night most everywhere these days. Just listen to the news. Did he want to feel responsible if one of the tenants were attacked—male or female? Of course not. I think my words started to have an effect. He has a daughter and was probably imagining what could befall her. She, too, frequented the clubs and has been known to return home after closing hours. Now he was getting worried.

I let it ride for a while as I was tired of nagging, but one night when I came home late, the light went on as I walked toward the door. In fact, it went on when I was ten feet away. He must have installed a good motion sensor. Usually, you had to wait until you were right under the fixture. If someone were lurking in the bushes, he would have an easy target. I don’t carry a weapon or even pepper spray. I wouldn’t know how to use it. I am told that a bright light works well to deter assailants and thieves, which is why the experts tell women to carry LED flashlights at night for a surprise effect.

I called to thank him the very next day and found out that he was also planning on installing a security system that would cover all the units in the building. It would sound an alarm if activated manually or by a motion sensor. These sensors are mighty useful. If there was a situation, the police would come automatically. If there were a fire, then it would be the fire department. We already had smoke detectors in our ceilings, but this will make us feel safer. My landlord got the message and went all the way toward providing full protection.