I have been having trouble getting enough sleep between checking out other bands and clubs at night and working my day job. It is a very full life with little time for anything else; but I enjoy it as long as I get inspiration for my songwriting. If you hide your head in the sand, nothing will come to you. You need to get out and experience the world around.

I am not sure what healthy sleep is but I know I am not getting it. I feel tired in the morning and not well rested. I have trouble getting out of bed. Sound familiar? Many people suffer from a lack of good sleep and by that I mean a full seven to eight hours and nothing less. Sleep deprivation causes all kinds of problems in the physical arena, but I am most concerned about mood, stamina, and alertness. When you lack these, you are not operating at optimum level.

I know the protocol; I have read it all online at https://www.berightlight.com/what-is-healthy-sleep/. You dim the lights and maintain a soft, cozy, and comfortable environment. You don’t eat or drink for an hour before bed and you stop all that texting and reading on your cell phone if you expect to nod off promptly. It shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes. As for me, I have all kinds of thoughts going around in my head or I hear music. It is so hard to stop the din if you have had a busy day.

Friends suggest I eat dinner earlier and not when I get home from clubbing or socializing. I get it. They also recommend more exercise earlier in the day, perhaps the morning, so I can tire my body out. It is important to do everything I mentioned as a routine and you will therefore clock your required sleeping hours. They promise me more energy as a result which seems like a contradiction, but it is not.

I have a plan that I will execute starting tonight so I can report back to you shortly. I expect to wake up refreshed and start a new life—one of well-being, strength, purpose, and….sleep! I don’t want to sacrifice my lifestyle and think that only a few adjustments will be necessary. I always thought a drink or two would send you to slumberland a few hours later, but it is not always the case. It works the reverse if you have too many. The beer is the first think to go. Next, I vow to get home at least one hour earlier if I am out with friends. I get revved up so to speak. I need time to wind down. I also know not to start writing a song or reviewing music I have heard recently as it keeps me awake for a long time.

There you have my advice in a nutshell, or blog, on healthy sleep and why it is so important to your life.