It Started out Good…

My life revolves around music – listening, writing, and sharing with friends. I am always open to new artists. I can enjoy my favorites when I am alone or at a social gathering. Each offers an authentic experience. Music helps me find my groove. When something is that important to you, it becomes incorporated in your life 24/7. When I want to relax, I find a quiet spot and put the earphones on. When I am hyper it goes on loud and clear. Then there are the contemplative times when I am writing music and/or lyrics. If I get a creative surge, I can go for hours without a break. I think you get the basic picture. We all have our own unique way of indulging in our passion. Music to me is the essence of life. I feel like I am going around with background music like in a movie. I can hum to myself and compose as I meander about town.

There is also a novelty side to all this when I want to have some fun. Recently, I had the wild idea to record a song with friends using random sounds in the mix to make it really different. I wrote some goofy lyrics that set the mood for us to innovate and improvise. I am not sure which was worse! I had hopes for the natural sounds, some of them industrial and recognizable like a roaring vacuum cleaner, an electric mixer on high, and a toaster popping up every ten seconds (that took some editing). Other sounds you would simply have to guess. A prominent element was a clicking sound that came from a friend wearing soccer cleats. While it sounds ridiculous and farfetched, it was the most effective sound in the experiment.

The quality and clarity was due to walking quickly across a wooden floor. It might have been even louder on tile or marble. It would have been better to be consistent with this musical direction and try all possibilities for comparison. I had envisioned a medley of odd sounds with the cleats as the central motif. My friend did his best, but I would have preferred someone more imagination. We had borrowed them for a friend and he later told us he wore soccer cleats for wide feet. Such are the restraints we encountered that wacky day. Our most important musician was a real novice.

After the song had been recorded and edited by one friend with the necessary audio equipment, we all sat around to evaluate our effort. We were not at all surprised that the “music” was not very good. It had started out well and I had the best intentions as the ring leader of the project, but ultimately it failed to impress. I guess there is always a next time. At least we had a great time. There is a lot to say about the value of having fun as a group.