As a singer, songwriter, and musician, I live a different kind of life from most. I am either practicing, entertaining, performing, researching and listening to my favorite genre of music, or attending concerts, large and small. I am always out it seems. I crave some time at home. A little relaxation should spark my creativity. I get enough stimulation in the world, but I have to digest it and turn it into something valuable.

When at home, I like a clean and tidy apartment. I do regular vacuuming but the old boy is breaking down. I don’t have the funds right now to buy a state-of-the-art Shark. This is one of the best brands around and they have every model from an upright to a canister. They’ve received top marks from The Vacuum Challenge as well. Someday I will get one and make my work easier. My old model seems to smell as if the motor were burning out. I feel sorry for it. I have the Shark at the top of my wish list and everyone knows about it!

The other day at home, while resting from a busy day, I spotted a cockroach running across the kitchen floor. This must be where he lives. Yikes. Roaches denote dirtiness, the kind you never want to encounter at home. Maybe I forgot to clean along the baseboards, under the stove and refrigerator, and below the sink. I expect to see a few carcasses there. Horrors. I called my mom in a panic, but I knew what to do. I had to catch it or run out and buy a bug spray for this particular creature. I could also call an exterminator which seemed to be the best idea of them all. After he rid my place of nastiness, I would vacuum up.

As I moaned and groaned on the phone for about an hour, mom gave up and offered to send enough money for both the new Shark and the professional exterminator. Parents can jump in when you really need them. While I like being independent and on my own at this stage in my life, I welcome the help. I will accept the money with gratitude and proceed to order my vacuum on line. In a few days, I will deal with all future problems, including roach infestation.

I went ahead and called the exterminator that day, hoping he would be able to send a bill. I wanted all roaches to be gone! He agreed to come in two hours so I could restore my previous state of calm. I couldn’t wait. Once the roach was out of there, I could breathe again. I first had to wait a couple of hours for the poison to dispel. I went for a walk and stopped by the local music store. They sell sheet music, new and old, and various instruments. I tried out a few guitars and then chatted with the owner about our common interests. It was soon time to return home and get back to normal life – sans roaches.