My Top 5 Favorite Movie Soundtracks

I thought I would so something a little different today, but I still wanted to keep it music related. So, here’s a little fact about me. I am a huge movie buff. I’ve probably watched thousands of movies. You would think I wouldn’t have time for that, but you find the time for the things you love—even if that means you have to sacrifice sleep.

Some of my favorite albums are movie soundtracks. When I’m working out, cleaning, doing anything that doesn’t deal with my own music, I love listening to the music of others, especially soundtracks. I am a music fan first and foremost, and there’s just something about a good soundtrack that moves me.

The Wedding Singer

Say what you will about this movie, but the music was amazing! (And I thought the movie was pretty amazing as well, but I digress.) It’s just so purely 80’s that you can’t help but love it and sing along with it, even if it is an Adam Sandler movie. This movie picked some of the most iconic songs of the New Wave era and really made it work on the big screen. It helps that you get a cute, funny love story along with the music.

Romeo + Juliet

I loved this movie, and I will fight you about it. Just kidding… about the fighting part. I love this mix of the old and new, the classic and the modern. This was such an anachronistic experience that worked really well. The songs on this soundtrack captured the yearning, the dark and twisted desire, the pain. Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest tragedies that we have, and this music managed to encapsulates that tragedy well. It will remain one of my favorites.

Slumdog Millionaire

I love hearing how other cultures bring music alive, and Slumdog Millionaire does this with such style. While Romeo + Juliet uses modern music in a dated setting, Slumdog Millionaire’s music itself is a blend of the traditional and the modern. Hearing this music framed in the movie context makes it such a treat visually and aurally.

Purple Rain

FYI: My mom is a HUGE Prince fan, so that’s how I got into Prince. Purple Rain isn’t the best movie out there, but the music is really amazing. I mean, it’s basically a whole Prince album rather than a soundtrack. You can’t deny that Prince was a talented artist. There was always something so intense and authentic about him that I can only hope shows in my own music.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

This movie is so fun and amazing! I’m a bit of a gaming and comics geek, so this appealed to me so much. The soundtrack features music by many lesser known bands, and this really fits with the weird, outcast type vibe that you get from this movie and its characters. I’ve probably listened to this soundtrack a few hundred times. I wish I was kidding.

So, there you have it. Do you like movie soundtracks? What are some of your favorites?