What Music Means to Me

Every since I was a little girl, music has always been my first love. As a young child, I was fortunate enough to have parents that saw the value in kids being involved with music. Neither one of my parents were musically inclined, but they loved listening to everything from classical music to Motown hits to modern rock. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t surrounded by music in my household. One of my earliest memories was dancing with my father when I was around 4-years-old to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” which is kind of funny when you think about. Here I was this girl from a family that couldn’t even hold a tune, and now, years later, I’ve moved away from home and I’m looking to strike it big in the music world. Like Frank said:

Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knewWhen I bit off more than I could chewBut through it all, when there was doubtI ate it up and spit it outI faced it all and I stood tallAnd did it my way.

I kind of think that if my grandparents had encouraged either one of my parents to pursue a life of music that things would’ve been much different for them. I might not be here at all if that was the case. Then again, I might’ve grown us as the daughter of one the world’s most celebrated artists and hated making music.

In any event, I appreciate my parents introducing me to music, even though they could have taught me to pursue more practical things. When I was 6-years-old, I started playing the piano. It was the first instrument I learned to play. I was the youngest student that my piano instructor had ever taught, and she took me on as a student because she said I had an ear for music after allowing to play around on the piano.

Over the years, I learned to play many other instruments and started singing while I was still in elementary school. Music isn’t just a thing that I do. It lives in my soul. It’s been there for me through the good times and bad. When my father passed away with cancer, I wrote pages of songs to help me heal. When my best friend got married, I composed an original piece to play at her wedding to celebrate this happy occasion.

It’s like this to me. Music can express our deepest feelings, and it allows us to understand the depth of feeling from our fellow man. Even if we don’t have firsthand knowledge of the words used to compose lyrics, the melody can move us. We can feel the emotions that the artist is trying to convey. Sometimes, a song doesn’t need words at all for us to understand the meaning. Even if our meaning is different from what the artist intended, music is such an interpretative form of communicating with each other and songs will speak to us on different levels.

Music is a universal language, and without it, I don’t know where I would be. I don’t even want to imagine the world where music was never in my life.